"Your Lucky Times"
"Your Lucky Times"
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times"
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times"

"Your Lucky Times" Report

What is it . . . . what you receive

You Will Receive

When you try "Your Lucky Times", you get an e-mailed Report for the annual period you specified listing "Your Lucky Times".

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The report will be ranked:

4_leaf3r_Good    Supremely Lucky

The very luckiest days when you may win the Big One!

3_leafR   Very Lucky

Extremely lucky days you probably will not want to miss!

2_leaf    Pretty Lucky

Days when you may have fair luck.

1_leaf    Slightly Lucky

Bet if you must, but do not expect to win a lot.


You Also Will Receive

You also will receive "Your Lucky Times" in chronological order for the annual period you specified. That way you can see where you may have "lucky streaks" -- periods of days where you are especially lucky!


If you have many, many Supremely Lucky Times and Very Lucky Times, you must play at least $8 on EACH DAY.

You must have at least 10 Supremely Lucky Times plus Very Lucky Times to qualify. Please read the Double Your Money Back Guarantee here.


Second Year May Be Free

If you do not have any Supremely Lucky Times or Very Lucky Times during the annual period you specify, "Your Lucky Times" will automatically give you "Your Lucky Times" for the second year after that. The additional year will be free.


You Also Get The Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Of course, each "Your Lucky Times" Report comes with a Double Your Money Back Guarantee.*


*You must have at least 10 "Supremely Lucky Times" and "Very Lucky Times" in the annual period to qualify for the Double Your Money Back Guarantee.

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