"Your Lucky Times"
"Your Lucky Times"
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times" The Astrological Times of Good Fortune
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times" The AstrologicalTimes of GoodFortune

Belmont Stakes 2020 Astrological Tips!

Topsy Turvy World and Upside Down Predictions!


In this era of the Pandemic, the Belmont Stakes is the first "Triple Crown" race to be held this year, on Saturday, June 20th! Who will win the Carnations?


James, our Esteemed Horse Astrologer, has some tips for us:


"If we are looking for a long shot: Max Player has Uranus conjunct the Sun. It should give him a Big Boost!


Tiz the Law , the favorite, has Uranus conjunct his progressed Mars -- also quite explosive!


Pneumatic looks pretty good too: I like the Jupiter conjunct his natal mercury, with Mars coming around to sextile that degree."


Please remember that we have an Eclipse tonight, so great care must be taken. Of course, it can bring great Good Fortune too -- if it's "Your Lucky Times"TM!


Yours in Good Fortune,


Lucky Star


* Please recall that this is Just For Fun, and all Disclaimers apply. 

Do as J.P. Morgan did. Use astrology!


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