"Your Lucky Times"
"Your Lucky Times"
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times" The Astrological Times of Good Fortune
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times" The AstrologicalTimes of GoodFortune


Here's what people say about "Your Lucky Times"



James P. writes of his Belmont Stakes Win -- $730:


"You should definitely use me on the testimonial… Lucky day plus picking the horse Astrologically…  Great combination, and it was a decent win…

Need to hone in on this system."


This was very definitely a Pretty Lucky Time for James!


ANOTHER Brand New Testimonial!


"I won $3,500 with my Pick 3 number! It was one of my Very Lucky Times!!


Anonymous, Chicago Area


Brand New Testimonial about Winning with "Your Lucky Times"!

"Ok so yesterday was a ‘very’ lucky day on the report.  I guess does not mean so much on the size of the win but the win itself. I did not win the lottery but I did place a bet on that football game yesterday.  The Minnesota  vs New Orleans game. . . . . I had New Orleans +5.5.   If you watched the game it had a very bizarre ending.   New Orleans was winning 24-23 with really no time left all hope for Minnesota was gone but a miraculous pass/catch and touchdown gave Minnesota the lead 29-24. (5 points) but the game cannot finish until the extra point has been kicked.  (Which would make it 30-24 or 6 points and I would have lost my +5.5 bet.)

But instead of kicking the extra point Minnesota takes a knee.  Never happens,  so I win the bet.   So very lucky!

James P., San Diego, California

James reports that he won other sports bets that day, so all-in-all, a Very Lucky Time for him, just as his Report predicted!


Sometimes, "Your Lucky Times" means an annuity!


"Just in time, a 'Very Lucky Day' gave me an annuity worth $1,452 a year! A much needed bonanza!!"


Joe R., New York, NY


Another SUPER New Testimonial!!


"I won $870 on a Pick 6 horseracing bet of $3.60 on one of my Lucky Times!"


James P. Los Angeles, CA


Folks, this is really hard to do. This means that he picked the winner for 6 races in a row! This is something like
1 in 58,000 chances!!


And Another!


"It was a 'Very Lucky Time' and I won $132 betting on horseracing! I also won $12 playing the Powerball lottery!"


Kim S., New York, NY


New Testimonial!


This is the kind of thing that can happen with "Your Lucky Times":


"Some work news came in [on a Very Lucky Day] --a sale of $150k out of nowhere!"


Greg M., Detroit, MI


Another Astonishing New Testimonial


A winner reports on how he has been winning EVERY DAY with "Your Lucky Times":


"I received your report on 2/27/12 for the period of 02/27/12 thru 03/31/13. So far I have hit some small prizes on each of my Very Lucky days on 03/05, 03/19 and 04/04 for about $425 total. I also hit a lucky $1,000 amount on 04/21 or only a day from the 4/22 Very Lucky day you set for me. The only Lucky day that I didn't win money was yesterday 05/2 which saddened me. But, I do have a Supremely Lucky day scheduled for next week 5/8 as a make-up for that one.


I expect to win some significant money based upon your predictions next week and at least during most of the (43) Supremely and Very Lucky days you have scheduled for me. So, I hope that we can bring home some significant lucky wins and maybe even a jackpot during at least one of these 43 dates. . . .


I just believe that this Luck Report is a very nice and accurate tool and a depiction of the Luck that will emanate into my life during these 'Lucky Times'. . . .


And, on Saturday May 5th, after I wrote this email on Thursday May 3rd I won another $500.00. So, needless to say I am going through a very lucky period now . . . ."

Stephen M., Naperville, IL


More Testimonials!

Here is more evidence that "Your Lucky Times" really works:

"My winnings using 'Your Lucky Times' amounted to almost $1,500. There is nothing like 'Your Lucky Times' for telling you when you are going to come into money!

Rob B., Mountain View, CA

We don't counsel people who don't normally bet to gamble, but here is a testimonial from a friend who doubled her money when she was given some "Your Lucky Times":


"I have never played the lottery. When Lucky Times gave me August 9 2011 as a moderately lucky day, based on my birth date and place, I bought eight Take 5 cards - and five of the eight cards had matches. I paid $8 and won $32 plus two Take 5 quick picks."

Ann T., New York, NY


Previous New Testimonials

Our customers at "Your Lucky Times" tell us that have a "Lucky Day" can often signal Good Fortune in ways other than lottery wins. Take a look!


"I received an inheritance of over $3,500 on a "Very Lucky Day"! I was astounded in how well the date was predicted!!"

Andrew M., Providence R.I.


Another client was happy even though he was not yet in a "Supremely Lucky Time" period. I told him his chart looked like he would inherit money at some point and Luis G. tells me that, sure enough, he is up to inherit a considerable amount of money!


"Your Lucky Times" can often indicate times of Good Fortune other than winning the lottery or other gambling. See below:

"I 'won' almost $4,000 from my landlord as the result of a tenants' suit on one of my Very Lucky Days! This really works!!

Barbara G., Los Angeles, CA


More Previous Testimonials!

"Again, I won $186 on one bet! I love "Your Lucky Times" because I win money while saving money on my betting!"

Karrie G., New York, NY


Two "Your Lucky Times" customers tell us about their Lucky wins:


"Even though it was just a Slightly Lucky Day, I had studied the Past Performances for a certain horse and thought he had a good shot. I won $150 on my bet! 'Your Lucky Times' really comes in handy -- especially if you have some handicapping skills."

Gary G., New York, NY


"I won $100 gambling in the casino on our cruise to the Bahamas. It was only a Pretty Lucky Day, so I knew when to quit. (I watched a fellow passenger win a thousand dollars and then continue to play and lose it all.) I used my win to shop in Nassau. That was fun!"

Cynthia B, Fort Worth TX


Another Testimonial!!

"Even though it was supposed to be only a Slightly Lucky Day, I won $490 on a horse I bet on. Just as Lucky Star said, having some handicapping skill can make a lucky day even more powerful. It made it a Super Lucky Day for me!"

Isabel B., Queens, NY

Isabel adds that she will give $125 to Haitian earthquake relief, Monday, February 8th: "I believe that giving to help others brings me Good Karma. I urge everyone who wins to give at least 25% of their winnings to charity."


Multitudes Have Won!!!

Join the many people who have used their "Your Lucky Times" Reports to win the lottery or win lotto -- or have won at some other gambling, such as horse racing or other kind of sports betting:


Your Lucky Times - Annual - Try It Today


More Testimonials

Read what actual users of "Your Lucky Times" have to say about their winnings:

"I won a trifecta for $138 on an $8 horseracing bet! Once again, it was only one of my Slightly Lucky Days. "Your Lucky Times" really works! I can't wait until my Very Lucky Days come around!


Kim S., New York, NY


“I bought a scratchoff lottery ticket and won $500 on one of my Your Lucky Times.”


Rita P., Fort Lee, NJ

"Your Lucky Times is very good for predicting other times of Financial Good Fortune. A company whose stock I own was bought out by another one and the stock went up 20%. It was certainly one of my Very Lucky Times!"

Cynthia B., Fort Worth, TX

"Even though it was only a Slightly Lucky Day, I won $100 on a football bet."

Chris D., Staten Island, NY


“Using my Your Lucky Times, I have won $1,200 on the horses and $1,800 playing Lotto. Recently, I won $453 playing the lottery on another of my Your Lucky Times.”


Kim S., New York, NY


“I found a Lalique vase worth hundreds of dollars in a garage full of junk on one of my Your Lucky Times. Your Lucky Times is not just for gambling.”


Brien C., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I won $50 on a $1 scratchoff lottery ticket on one of my Slightly Lucky Days using Your Lucky Times. This will fund my other chances at winning the lottery."


Glen C., Brooklyn, NY

"I won another $110 betting on horse races. And it was only a Slightly Lucky Day!"


Kim S., New York, NY

"I got 8 months of back pay. Turns out it was a Very Lucky Time, when I checked my report."

Don B., Fort Worth, TX

Do as J.P. Morgan did. Use astrology!


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