"Your Lucky Times"
"Your Lucky Times"
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times" The Astrological Times of Good Fortune
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times" The AstrologicalTimes of GoodFortune

Belmont Stakes 2016: A Test for the "Flying Fish"!

The Test of Champions, The Test of Astrology


The Belmont Stakes is the third leg in the most famous horseracing series in the world, the Triple Crown races for 3-year-olds, starting with the Kentucky Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and capped off with the Belmont Stakes. It is known as the Test of Champions, because its 1-and-a-half mile length can be grueling, even for horses which have won the first two —think of California Chrome two years ago — sometimes it is known as the "Breaker of Champions." Today I am going to take it as a "Test of Astrology"— it is a great opportunity to test theories and to try out a New Brand of Horse Astrology in the making!


The Theory and Past Predictions


I refer to the theory I have been promoting that horses' good aspects to Fortuna are the mark of Champions. This seems to be especially true when there are aspects between Fortuna and Mercury. Now Mercury is clearly the Messenger of the Planets and the Ruler of Communication. I believe he is the ruler of horseracing too.


Fortuna, as I explained in previous columns, was the Roman goddess of luck and fortune — which could be either good or bad — as in the Wheel of Fortune going round and round. My study of champion horses, such as Secretariat and American Pharoah, pointed me in the direction that good aspects from Fortuna could indicate Supremely Winning Horses!


My previous analyses of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness bear out this conclusion. I noted that Nyquest, the winner of the Kentucky Derby, had a conjunction of Fortuna and the Aries Point — a point of World Fame and Prominence. The New Moon the day before the Derby aided this New Moon horse — an aspect enabling him to Constantly Renew Himself.


I noted that Exaggerator has a conjunction of Fortuna and Neptune — I should have said Mercury and Mars — Neptune probably acting as an Order of Jupiter, giving him Tremendous Self-Belief and Good Fortune. Because of the many Violent Aspects affecting the day of the Preakness and directly impacting Exaggerator's chart, I wrote that I thought the horse's connections should scratch him from the race. Instead, I believe that transiting Mars squaring his Mars-Neptune-Mercury conjunction spurred him on to Victory over Nyquist.


I will also add that Exaggerator's Mars-Neptune-Mercury conjunction may speak to his noted love for wet tracks (Neptune = water). His big wins have been over wet tracks, including the downpour and mess during the Preakness. This horse is a flying fish!


The Mars-Sun opposition, in combination with the Full Moon, did not help Nyquist: the Trine, the Harmonious 120-degree aspect, of these transits with his Fortuna-Aries Point placement was perhaps "too easy" to provide the Luck Energy he needed to beat Exaggerator once again.


Make no mistake, the day was an extremely dangerous one. To my sadness, two horses died at Pimilico that day, and another one, on a racetrack in California. To put it in perspective, three climbers passed away climbing Mount Everest over that weekend too. It was simply a Bad Day for the animals whose lives ended.


The Transits for the Belmont Stakes 2016


On the day of the Belmont Stakes, however, there is virtually Nothing Going On. There are No Angry aspects as on the day of the Preakness. The Moon is in Virgo, promoting Hard Work and Attention to Detail, but that is all. While the Moon hits the Points of the Recent Grand Cross of Jupiter in Virgo (conjunction), Neptune in Pisces (opposition), Saturn in Sagittarius (square), and Sun in Gemini (square), its last aspect before the approximate 6:32 post time is trine Pluto in Capricorn — an aspect for Rebirth and Renewal. Late that night, at 1:23 AM EDT in the next morning, Pluto will trine the North Node Eclipse Line in Virgo, indicating that Karma is at work!


Nevertheless, I do not expect these aspects to have any great effect on the race. This is a good Test for Astrology, because this race is full of horses with very little "track history" (pun intended) to guide the handicapper in how this race will play out.


The Predictions This Year


Instead, I will return again to Fortuna. A point I have not yet been making is that Fortuna currently is transiting Aquarius. It had been conjoining Exaggerator's Sun in Aquarius (see table below) coming up to the Preakness on May 21st. Thus a corollary to my theory is that transiting Aquarius may be helping horses with the Sun, Moon, or other Planets in Aquarius.


So take a look at the table below. The Lack of Excitement for the Belmont, with no Triple Crown in Contention and with no continuing Nyquist-Exaggerator Rivalry, has been Palpable. (In fact, it has been very difficult to determine much in advance which horses, specifically, were going to race in the Belmont!) The Fortuna transit would seem to favor Exaggerator, Cherry Wine (who came in second in the Preakness, nosing out Nyquist), Suddenbreakingnews, and Governor Malibu (a New Moon in Aquarius horse, promising that wonderful ability to start anew)! However, the good Fortuna-Mercury aspects limit the list to Cherry Wine, Lani, and Suddenbreakingnews. Combining the two leaves Cherry Wine and Suddenbreakingnews!


Personally, I am going to box Cherry Wine and Suddenbreaking news for 1-2 and box Exaggerator, Governor Malibu, and Lani for 3 for a trifecta. However, there is a chance of showers at the Belmont on Saturday, so if the track is wet, I will just bump Exaggerator right to the top!


Please remember that this is Just for Fun! Never bet more than $8 - $10 a day!! And only if this is "Your Lucky Times"!


Yours in Good Fortune,

Lucky Star




Birth Date

Sun Sign

Moon Sign



Governor Malibu

Feb 9, 2013






Apr 16, 2013





Cherry Wine

Feb 13, 2013



conjunct Mercury



May 2, 2013



close to conjunct Mercury



Apr 24, 2013






Mar 20, 2013



conjunct Mars


Seeking the Soul

May 4, 2013





Forever D'Oro

May 15, 2013



opposing Saturn


Trojan Nation

Mar 17, 2013



conjunct Mars



Feb 22, 2013



conjunct Mercury



Feb 5, 2013



nothing; Mercury conjunct Neptune and Mars


Brody's Cause

Mar 17, 2013



conjunct Mars



Mar 30, 2013



sextile** Jupiter

* Please do not use these as the post numbers, if you are playing. Consult your own cards to lay any bets.

** Sextile = 60 degrees, an "initiating" angle that "gets things started"



Do as J.P. Morgan did. Use astrology!


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