"Your Lucky Times"
"Your Lucky Times"
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times" The Astrological Times of Good Fortune
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times" The AstrologicalTimes of GoodFortune

Big Media Says Astrology Works for Winning and Making Money!

This is the posting of Lucky Star's newsletter of February 29, 2012, Leap Day of the Leap Year:


"Leap" into Good Fortune: Forbes Magazine Reports that Astrology Use in Financial Field is Widespread!


At last the "legitimate" media are taking notice! Forbes.com writes that many investors, traders, and brokers use astrological forecasts to give them the "edge in market timing." Kenneth Rapoza discusses the work of a number of financial astrologers in "Can Planets Affect Your Portfolio?" http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2012/02/20/can-planets-affect-your-portfolio/ And the answer is a resounding "Yes"!

I have covered the work of financial astrologers in the columns of "Your Lucky Times" before, particularly that of Ray Merriman. Mr. Merriman is quoted extensively in the article (his analysis, books, and newsletters can be found at www.MMACycles.com). Many more financial astrologers and their books and publications are mentioned. It is worth a look!

What is the difference between what financial astrologers do and what "Your Lucky Times" does?

Financial astrologers predict the turns and trends of the stock market and commodities markets (gold, silver, and so on). I am a PERSONAL financial astrologer. I look at how the planet transits are impacting YOUR chart, match them to those of people who have won up to $35 million dollars, and tell which days YOU are most likely to win Big Money!

Why don't you get the edge for your lottery, sports, or horseracing plays? If you only bet a dollar or two once in a while, "Your Lucky Times" is not for you. But if you are an average player, if you bet at least a dollar or two a day on average, or $400 or more a year, getting a "Your Lucky Times" Report will be useful to you: You will save money and pinpoint the EXACT days when you are most likely to win!

Why haven't I won a Big Jackpot myself?

I get this question a lot. The last one was from someone who called me a "con artist." I have tried to make the reasons clear, and have addressed them on the website. But let me try again.

"Your Lucky Times" is based on an underlying Luck Cycle Trend that tells you the level of Sudden Good Luck you might experience. It can take 3 or 4 years before the underlying cycle hits a Supremely Lucky Time period. I am not there yet.

Then, during that time, the planets have to align just right to make it what could be a Supremely Lucky Day. There are a total of 6 different factors that I analyze -- so, as I say, "I haven't hit a Big Jackpot yet!"

But I have won smaller jackpots and gotten other financial wins of $1,800 to $3,500 -- which is why I wanted to share my good fortune with other people. You can read more about how "Your Lucky Times" got started on the relevant tab.

Why haven't any of your customers gotten Big Jackpot wins?

I don't know that they haven't. Many individuals are reluctant to tell the public when they have won a lot of money.

Then there is the problem of compliance. You don't know if customers are using their Reports religiously and betting on every, single "Supremely Lucky Time" or "Very Lucky Time." Some get discouraged when they do not win big at first and stop playing their "Lucky Times". But every day and every set of aspects is different for every person. So customers need to "stick to the program" and find out how it works for them!

On the other hand, many "Your Lucky Times" have won smaller amounts in the few thousand dollar range. Take a look at the Testimonials on their tabs!



Do as J.P. Morgan did. Use astrology!


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