"Your Lucky Times"
"Your Lucky Times"
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times" The Astrological Times of Good Fortune
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times" The AstrologicalTimes of GoodFortune

2019 Good Luck Forecast

Consolidate Your Financial Position


The Financial Outlook for 2019 should be Jolly with Jupiter in Home Territory Sagittarius until December 3, 2019. However, I think we can see since Jupiter’s entrance into Sagittarius November 8th, that that with Great Uncertainty in Washington and the Stock Market gyrations, General Good Fortune is far from a Sure Thing.


Whereas when Jupiter was in Scorpio, the U.S. economy and the Stock Market shot up, all of the previous Stock Market gains, at least, have been erased. The reason is, I think, that Jupiter in Scorpio was in a Harmonious trine (120-degree link) with Neptune, the Great Deceiver, in Pisces. Now Jupiter is moving to a square position with Neptune and many financial situations, such as the U.S. Government Shutdown and the Stock Market, are In Crisis. My advice is to Batten Down the Hatches and be as Conservative with your Money as you can possibly be until we see what 2020 brings with Jupiter moving into Capricorn and Saturn conjoining Pluto. “Your Lucky Times”TM is needed more than ever, if you like to gamble now and then. . . .


Nevertheless, there will be times when Luck Strikes in the coming year and people win the Mega Millions or Powerball lottery. As we have seen, the Old Reliables are when there are Eclipses of the Sun or Moon. There are 5 of them in 2019:


January 5th – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

January 20th – Lunar Eclipse in Leo

July 2nd – Solar Eclipse in Cancer

July 16th – Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

December 25th – Solar Eclipse in Capricorn


The only other Action is see is when Energetic Mars will conjoin Shocking Uranus in Aries, February 13th. Of course, there will be Big Jackpot wins at other times. This occurs when the Jackpot get So Large, near the Half Billion Mark or more, that so many people come out to play (who do not ordinarily bet) that someone comes up with the Winning Ticket. For them, this will only happen when it’s their “Supremely Lucky Time”. Why not find out when your “Supremely Lucky Times” occur and set yourself up for a Potential Win? If you like to play, you will save yourself a lot of money by only betting at the times when you are most likely to win. And being careful with money is the Name of the Game for 2019!


Yours in Good Fortune, and Wishing You a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year, full of Peace, Light and Love,


Lucky Star

Do as J.P. Morgan did. Use astrology!


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