"Your Lucky Times"
"Your Lucky Times"
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times" The Astrological Times of Good Fortune
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times" The AstrologicalTimes of GoodFortune

The 2017 Luck Forecast: We Live in Interesting Times!

We live in Interesting Times — but it doesn't have to mean the old curse attributed to the Chinese. The reason is the equally old adage that it is "an ill wind that blows nobody good." In other words, often when events seem negative, they may be positive for somebody else. This is certainly true for (Sudden) Luck Astrology regarding things like winning a Big Lottery Jackpot! A strike from Shocking Uranus, the planet of Revolution, or the hit of a strong Eclipse may herald some kind of terrible event on the worldwide scene and yet often coincides with Unexpected Big Money Prizes!


The coming year is chockfull of such Unexpected Events — but in the parlance of "Your Lucky Times"SM they may bring many opportunities for Big Winnings. Of course, as I repeat over and over again, it won't be "Your Lucky Times"SM unless the planets align the right way in YOUR chart. (And, if you don't have one already, you should get your own "Your Lucky Times"SM Report to find out when this will be!)


The Trine in Fire


2017 is "interesting" because there are two major configurations occurring in the Heavens, and their impact may be somewhat contradictory.


First, there is a Trine (usually Harmonious 120-degree aspect) between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries dominating the sky. Normally, you would expect to a Trine to be always positive. However, Saturn and Uranus are so contrary in nature that we don't know what to expect of this. Saturn is the Lord of Reality — sober, earthbound, sometimes downright depressing. Uranus is extremely unpredictable — some say that it "Rescues Us From the Known." One of Uranus' aspects may signal the start of a revolution — which may be good or bad depending on your point of view.


Because this trine is in Fire Signs, Sagittarius and Aries, many observers are worried that the link means wars or other violent events. The mix of Saturn (an earth planet) and Uranus (an air planet) could be explosive — as in earthquake and volcano explosive!


Once the North Node Eclipse Line moves into Leo, the stars will start to exhibit a Grand Trine in Fire (Leo is the other Fire Sign). Because a Grand Trine is an isosceles triangle (equal-sided triangle with 120-degree angles), it is regarded as the Most Stable of Configurations ("good"). The real effect on world events remains to be seen; however, the dates when the Saturn, Uranus, and North Node Eclipse Line angles become exact (all three are not in exact alignment at any one time) are certainly potentially Very Lucky!


The T-Square Brings Oppositions


The other big configuration at work has clearer more negative potential. It is the T-square formed by Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, both squared by (at least by sign) Pluto in Capricorn. This recalls the "Cardinal Cross," which was at work from 2012 - 2015 when Saturn was in Libra and the squares from Pluto to Aries were exact. This, thankfully, is over. It is blamed for some of the worst events of the Great Recession in the U.S.; but it is undeniable that it also brought positive things, such as possibly the Arab Spring and many discoveries in the realm of Space, social media, and technology — not to mention (pretty unerringly when the aspects were exact) Big, Multistate Lottery Jackpot wins!


The current T-square echoes the Cardinal Cross and may similarly bring challenging events — but possibly Big Multistate Lottery Jackpot wins as well!


The Third Factor: the Eclipses


There is a third factor at work: the eclipses. Much feared in ancient history, I have found that when the timing is right, they can also coincide with Jackpot wins! There are four eclipses this year, and they move from the Virgo-Pisces axis to the Leo-Aquarius axis along with the shift of the North Node Eclipse Line to Leo from Virgo. Perhaps the most amazing one will occur on August 21st! It will be a rare, Total Solar Eclipse and will be visible across the whole United States!


"Lucky Times"SM Date Summary
in Chronological Order


I am going to list the dates when the Fire Trines, T-Squares, and Eclipses are exact in chronological order so that you can plan some potentially "Lucky Times"SM:


Feb 10, 2017 - Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Feb 26, 2017 - Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Mar 2, 2017 - Jupiter opposes Uranus

Mar 30, 2017 - Jupiter squares Pluto

May 19, 2017 - Saturn trines Uranus

Jun 6, 2017 - Uranus trines the North Node Eclipse Line

Aug 4, 2017 - Jupiter squares Pluto

Aug 7, 2017 - Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Aug 21, 2017 - Solar Eclipse in Leo

Sep 27, 2017 - Jupiter opposes Uranus

Oct 8, 2017 - Saturn trines the North Node Eclipse Line

Nov 11, 2017 - Saturn trines Uranus

Dec 24, 2017 - Jupiter square the North Node Eclipse Line*


*Jupiter will have moved into Scorpio and so will square Leo.


There. There are the 13, major, potential "Lucky Times"SM that may shape the Luck Scene in 2017! There are more — such as the sextiles (60-degree, initiating links) of Jupiter to Saturn and Jupiter to the North Node, the Full Moons and the New Moons, and the other, Luck-Energy aspects that I will enumerate in my Daily Lotto ScopeSM as they occur. (Stay tuned.)


Conclusion: M​any Lucky Times


As you can see, there are Plenty of Opportunities for Good Luck of the Jackpot Winning Kind in the New Year! But there are also, equally, many good chances for Tumult and Aggression possible during the coming year. If we channel our energies in the right direction, we may be able to focus on Positive Results for this Brand New Year! Perhaps you will be able to use one of these dates to score in a Financial Bounty of some kind or another!


Wishing you Good Fortune and a Happy, Healthy New Year,


Lucky Star


Postscript: Why These Luck Dates May Not be Lucky for You


I need to add a caveat to the list of Lucky Dates I describe above. Any one of these dates may not be a "Lucky Time"SM for you. First, as I have said over and over, you need to have a strong "Supremely Lucky"SM or "Very Lucky SM Trend underlying "Your Lucky Times"SM in order for them to pay off. Also, it needs to be exactly "Your Lucky Time"SM, not somebody else's.


In other words, people have won Big, Multistate Lotteries on dates other than when there are the powerful aspects, or transits, I discuss above. People who win may have "Your Lucky Times"SM on totally different dates — the dates when the planets are hitting their Natal Planets in a Lucky Way. The only way you can find out if the dates above will work for you is to get your own, personal "Your Lucky Times"SM Report (if you do not have one already).


"Your Lucky Times" SM has worked for many, many people. Don't just bet (if that is what you do) on only the dates when the Mega Millions or Powerball goes over $100 million (or more). Wouldn't you be happy with "just" $10 million or $40 million, the Mega Millions and Powerball minimum jackpots? Or, if "Your Lucky Times"SM hits on a day when Mega Millions or Powerball is not being drawn, wouldn't you be happy with the many state lotteries with minimum payouts of $1 million? Or one of your state's scratchoffs, often paying off $5 to $7 million over time?


Be smart and use "Your Lucky Times"SM. Don't waste your money on the days when you are unlikely to win! That is the message and mission of "Your Lucky Times"! "Winning is Easy . . . . When You Know Your Lucky Times"SM


Happy New Year!!!



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Do as J.P. Morgan did. Use astrology!


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