Your Lucky Times
Your Lucky Times
Winning is Easy . . . when you know "Your Lucky Times" The Astrological Times of Good Fortune
 Winning is Easy . . .  when you know"Your Lucky Times" The AstrologicalTimes of GoodFortune

Get "Your Lucky Times" and Start Winning!!

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You know that you have winning streaks and losing streaks. Improve your lucky streaks by betting only on those days that are "Your Lucky Times." Avoid the unlucky streaks. You are guaranteed not to lose by the Double Your Money Back Guarantee!


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"Your Lucky Times"TM Report

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Get lottery winning power -- bet only at "Your Lucky Times"

If you are a typical American, on average, you spend $400 or more a year buying lottery tickets, betting at the casino, or betting on the horses, football, basketball or some other sport. Bet no more than $10 on your 10 luckiest days of the year, for a total of $100, and save over $300 right there. Then, if you win $1,000, $10,000 or $1 million dollars, you have increased your Winning Power by a 1,000 percent or more!


Many bettors make the mistake of only playing on the days when there is a big jackpot. Just about every state lottery has a game that is played every day, like some kind of “pick 5” out of 40 or fewer numbers. This game has the best odds for winning. ALWAYS pick the game with the best odds. Many of the instant scratchoffs also have very good odds.


Then, if it is a day with a big payoff (= lower odds of winning), like a Mega Millions or Powerball or your big state Lotto day, buy a few of those tickets too. This way, you increase your chance of winning — even if it is a lower amount. . . . But you wouldn’t mind winning $20,000 or $30,000 for a $5 or $10 investment, would you?


Unique, Individualized Report


Invest only $177.77 to find out "Your Lucky Times" for the coming year. Based on your birthday, hour of birth, and your location, the "Your Lucky Times" are unique to you. Unless you are a twin or a triplet, no one else will have the same "Your Lucky Times" as you. The Report is completely individualized to you.


Winning Is Easy TOP


Winning is easy when you play at the right time. State lottery statistics show that over 1,000 new millionaires are made by playing the lottery every year. Become one of them!


How Your Lucky Times Works


"Your Lucky Times" is based on the science of the stars. We conducted a long study of many millionaire winners' birth data to develop "Your Lucky Times".


"Your Lucky Times" Report is founded on the position of your Lucky Planets on the day and time of your birth. Since the planets are moving every day, when they hit your Fortune Planets in a lucky way, this is one of "Your Lucky Times". The exact times of "Your Lucky Times" are based on your current location.



The $315 million Powerball winner in 2002 is just such a lucky person. Newspaper accounts report that the individual was already worth $17 million when he won, and that he has since won another $10,000 in another lottery. Clearly, this person has some Very Fortunate Planets!


Use Good Money Management


"Your Lucky Times" suggests that you play at most $5 on the game with the best odds and at most $5 on the game with the highest jackpot — only if it is also one of "Your Lucky Times". If you win something, STOP PLAYING for that period. Wait until the next Your Lucky Time or two- to three-day stretch of "Your Lucky Times". Use your lucky streaks!


Remember, this is for entertainment purposes only.


If You Have A Gambling Problem


If you have a gambling problem, please contact Gamblers Anonymous 888-GA-HELPS or 888-424-3577. Or find out your other gambling addiction resources in your state. How do you know if you have a gambling problem? If you insist on playing on days that are not Your Lucky Times, you may be addicted to gambling. If you gamble more than 1 or 2% of your take home pay, you may have a gambling problem. If you gamble money that you cannot afford to lose, you may have a gambling addiction. Gambling when it is no longer fun (i.e., you are not winning) is not a good idea. It may be a psychological problem that you need to pay attention to. Be smart and play wisely.



Hundreds Have Won Using "Your Lucky Times" - Testimonials


Three New Testimonials!

These "Your Lucky Times" clients all won on horse-racing bets. And, they are all repeat winners!

"I won $300 playing the horses on one of my Lucky Times! The amazing thing was that I won on horses named "Astrologie" and "Zodiac Girl"!

Isabel B., Queens, NY

"Putting "Your Lucky Times" together with my handicapping really works for me! I won $300 on one great bet I made!!"

Gary G., New York, NY

"Sometimes you have to wait awhile until one of "Your Lucky Times" comes around. But it was very lucky for me when it did! I won $150 on a long-shot horse I liked."

Kim S., New York, NY


New Testimonial

"Again, I won $186 on one bet! I love "Your Lucky Times" because I win money while saving money on my betting!"

Karrie G., New York, NY


Even More New Testimonials!!


Two "Your Lucky Times" customers tell us about their Lucky wins:


"Even though it was just a Slightly Lucky Day, I had studied the Past Performances for a certain horse and thought he had a good shot. I won $150 on my bet! 'Your Lucky Times' really comes in handy -- especially if you have some handicapping skills."


Gary G., New York, NY


"I won $100 gambling in the casino on our cruise to the Bahamas. It was only a Pretty Lucky Day, so I knew when to quit. (I watched a fellow passenger win a thousand dollars and then continue to play and lose it all.) I used my win to shop in Nassau. That was fun!"


Cynthia B, Fort Worth TX


Another New Testimonial!!

"Even though it was supposed to be only a Slightly Lucky Day, I won $490 on a horse I bet on. Just as Lucky Star said, having some handicapping skill can make a lucky day even more powerful. It made it a Super Lucky Day for me!"

Isabel B., Queens, NY

Isabel adds that she will give $125 to Haitian earthquake relief, Monday, February 8th: "I believe that giving to help others brings me Good Karma. I urge everyone who wins to give at least 25% of their winnings to charity."

Read what actual users of "Your Lucky Times" have to say about their winnings:



“Using my Your Lucky Times, I have won $1,200 on the horses and $1,800 playing Lotto. Recently, I won $453 playing the lottery on another of my Your Lucky Times.”


Kim S., New York, NY


“I found a Lalique vase worth hundreds of dollars in a garage full of junk on one of my Your Lucky Times. Your Lucky Times is not just for gambling.”


Brien C., Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"I won $50 on a $1 scratchoff lottery ticket on one of my Slightly Lucky Days using Your Lucky Times. This will fund my other chances at winning the lottery."


Glen C., Brooklyn, NY


"I won another $110 betting on horse races. And it was only a Slightly Lucky Day!"

Kim S., New York, NY

"I got 8 months of back pay. Turns out it was a Very Lucky Time, when I checked my report."


Don B., Fort Worth, TX


“I bought a scratchoff lottery ticket and won $500 on one of my Your Lucky Times.”


Rita P., Fort Lee, NJ

"Your Lucky Times is very good for predicting other times of Financial Good Fortune. A company whose stock I own was bought out by another one and the stock went up 20%. It was certainly one of my Very Lucky Times!"

Cynthia B., Fort Worth, TX


More New Testimonials!


Here is more evidence that "Your Lucky Times" really works:


"My winnings using 'Your Lucky Times' amounted to almost $1,500. There is nothing like 'Your Lucky Times' for telling you when you are going to come into money!


Rob B., Mountain View, CA
We don't counsel people who don't normally bet to gamble, but here is a testimonial from a friend who doubled her money when she was given some "Your Lucky Times":


"I have never played the lottery. When Lucky Times gave me August 9 2011 as a moderately lucky day, based on my birth date and place, I bought eight Take 5 cards - and five of the eight cards had matches. I paid $8 and won $32 plus two Take 5 quick picks."


Ann T., New York, NY


Makes A Great Birthday Gift


Give the gift of "Your Lucky Times" to your favorite person for his or her birthday. Or make it a present for Christmas or other holiday. Just enter the information for the recipient, send the payment and "Your Lucky Times" gift will be delivered within a few weeks days.


If You Do Not Have Any Supremely Lucky Times or Very Lucky Times For The Year


If you do not have any Supremely Lucky Times or Very Lucky Times during the annual period you specify, "Your Lucky Times" will automatically give you "Your Lucky Times" for the second year after that. That's right! The second year is free!


If You Win At Some Other Time


If you win at some other time than one of the Lucky Times we send to you, let us know. Send us complete information and proof. If we publish your information, Your Lucky Times will send you a check for $100! Let us know.


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